Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Height Measurement Chart

I'm sure you have seen these height measurement charts all over the Internet by now.  The awesome wood ones made to look like a ruler, you know what I'm talking about?  Anyways I have been drooling over them and they cost anywhere between $60-$100 shipped to your door.  I wanted one so bad, so I put my husband on the task of making me one and he did amazing!!  He has made two already, and one was purchase by my boss to donate to the Cornerstone Christian School Auction this Friday night -so if you are going to that you might have a chance at getting it!  

If you haven't seen them - they are meant to be mounted to your wall 6 inches above the ground (leaving room for baseboards) so you can track the growth of your kiddos, and take it from home to home.  

My Aunt and Uncle had a wall we tracked all our heights on and when they moved 6 years ago - we left all our cute little markings.  This type of tracker prevents you having to leave all that behind!

I am thrilled with how it turned out, and a few of my friends have ooh-ed and ah-ed over it as well.   They have little saw tooth hangers on them, but you can also drill a hole and screw it into the wall if you feel safer with that.

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